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2022 Scholarship Application is now Open!

Camp for the 2022 summer season is almost completely booked. However, we have reserved a limited number of slots for students with financial need. The application deadline is November 8, 2021. Scholarship winners will be notified February 15, 2022.

Applicants must:

  • Be 9 to 18 years old and have completed grades 4 through 1 by summer 2022
  • Answer essay questions
  • Design and describe a mission patch
  • Describe a science project using the scientific method or engineering design process
  • Upload a copy of a form (provided in the application) from your school verifying enrollment, grade point average and eligibility for the school’s free or reduced breakfast/lunch program. A student who is not eligible for the school’s free or reduced meal program will need to upload a letter signed by a parent or guardian providing information on the family’s financial situation or income along with the Financial Need form.

Travel to Huntsville, AL, and incidentals are not covered by a scholarship.

For questions about scholarships, you may email camps@spacecamp.com.

For technical assistance with your account or application, email karlaw@spacecamp.com.

The 2022 Space Camp Scholarship Application must be completed online and includes the following components:

  • Science project (an experiment) following the scientific method or the engineering design process (35 points).The description of the project must include photos that support the project description.The project can be one that was done at home, but it must include photos, which are worth up to 10 points.
  • Mission patch (25 points) that highlights the applicant’s achievements, goals and inspirations. This component includes a written description (10 points) explaining the patch. The patch may be hand-drawn or created electronically.
  • Essays (40 points)

For answers to frequently asked questions about our scholarship programs, click here

Application Instructions for Space Camp 2022 Scholarship
To begin a scholarship application, scroll to bottom of page and click "More."  On the next page click "Apply" or "Register" button highlighted green. Please create an account. The email address used to create the account will be used for all communication regarding application. Next check the email address for a confirmation email with link to verify account. If you are prompted an account already exists, you may use this account provided all contact information is current. 

After your account has been verified, click the program you wish to apply. The next page is your application dashboard showing your account number at the top. All 7 tasks to be completed are listed on the dashboard. All sections of the application must be completed in order to submit your application for consideration. Click "Next" to complete all the pages of the application or "save and continue editing" to save your progress. When you have completed all pages of the application, click "Mark as Complete." Return to your dashboard to verify your task has been checked as complete.
You may save and return to the application as necessary. When all sections of the application are complete and all supporting documentation has been uploaded, return to your dashboard and click "Submit." To review and download a copy of your completed application before submitting click, "Review." A message box will ask you to confirm submission before submitting. You MUST click your response in order to complete your submission. Once you have successfully submitted your application, an automatic confirmation email will be sent. No changes or additions are allowed after submission.

Other Space Camp Scholarship opportunities for Alabama residents:

Applications for SALSA and ALSAE will open early spring 2022

Space Academy for Leading Students in Alabama (SALSA)

Space Academy for Leading Students in Alabama (SALSA) is a program funded by the State of Alabama for students ages 12 to 14 The legislature awards a scholarship for a male and female student from every legislative district a scholarship to attend a special session of Space Academy at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville.

Learn more »»

If you have any questions about the SALSA program or the selection process, please email karlaw@spacecamp.com.

Alabama Space Academy for Educators (ALSAE)
If you are a full-time educator in a public school system in the state of Alabama, you are eligible for a scholarship to attend this special program. Please follow the instructions above and select the ALSAE option from the drop down menu to begin your scholarship application.

 Please email heatherr@spacecamp.com with questions. 

For technical assistance with your account or application email karlaw@spacecamp.com.

Please use one of the following browsers when working on your application: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer 9 or greater.


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